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  • There’s an entire industry of pedaling them as health products. I once had a random bint on a tour notice my sore back thanks to my scoliosis and asked me about it during some downtime in the tour. After the tour was done she “tipped” me by pouring an amount of essential oil on my palm, told me to rub it on my back, and that if I buy the stuff myself it’ll cure my scoliosis.

    I walked to the break room and washed it down the drain. Shit made my hand STANK and my head hurt from the fumes.

  • I will say on the picky eating habit, that can be a common behavior seen in autistic folks. With me my picky eating stems from texture - if a food feels weird in my mouth I get nasty gag reflex or vomit. Doesn’t matter how often I try, there’s foods and ingredients that, if I chew on it, I will vomit. It fucking sucks. I have to swallow my edibles whole with water cause most gummies make me vomit if I chew them.

    Obviously not all picky eating habits are autism related, but myself and the other autistic picky eaters I know are just as frustrated, if not more, about having those habits.

    Being stuck on music though, that I can understand. Even with me having my comfort zones, it’s always an occasion worth celebrating when I find an artist or album that absolutely SLAPS me silly from how rad it is.

  • Lessee…

    First phone was a red Samsung feature with a feature phone around 2009, 2010 or so.

    First computer of my own was an old IBM thing. Don’t remember the model, but it was just a simple black tower with a 16:10 monitor. 2 gigs RAM, 32gb hard drive, and a Pentium 4! It was too shit to render flashlights in HL2 Deathmatch but I played shit tons of that on it. Once it got a GPU and a 500 gig drive a while after, I clocked soooo many hours playing gmod and classic Doom on it as a kid.

  • Haven’t had the desire nor intent to have children, myself, but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless. My experiences taught me that family is what you make of it, and I’ve a family of my own sort full of the kindest, most helping and understanding people I know. While I won’t experience a healthy “parent/child” dynamic myself, I’ve made peace with that. I’ve got a life of my own to make, and I’ve found the best people to spend it with.

    Take pride in what you’re doing, mate. Even with the mistakes you’re hinting at, you’re going at it with the right mindset, the ideal attitude, and your kids will certainly appreciate what you’re doing for them. Breaking the cycle of abuse/familial trauma is not an easy task, nor is it something many people even realize is something they can or should do, so to see a parent being determined to break that cycle always warms my heart.

  • As somebody who had a traumatic upbringing (lost dad at a young age, mom allowed an abusive father figure into our lives, grew up closeted LGBT with a very right wing Christian mother), it honestly feels weird and almost alien seeing people with good, healthy relationships with their parent or parents. I can’t deny there’s occasional jealousy, but just the thought of having the desire to just, be with my mom and do stuff with her? It’s one that never crosses my mind.

    Like I’ll see folks online talking about their parents and how they see them as close friends in their adulthoods, and that’s always righteous to see! But then I look at the woman who called me a selfish attention seeking brat when I admitted to her I’d nearly blasted my brains open with a shotgun (at the time I was trapped in an emotionally and sexually abusive relationship), and I can’t really bring myself to call her my friend. Just the idea of hanging out with her, watching movies or playing games… It just feels strange.