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  • You google the game to see if smarter people have done the investigating.

    If not, you parse logs and errors best you can and try to determine what needs enabling. If you get it working, share it on protondb.

    Generally though, enabling “everything” doesn’t come with any direct drawbacks. This is basically what bottles will do when you tell it you want to run a game, which will then allow most games to work fine.

    The latest version of GE is generally what you want, too, as wine/GE isn’t supposed to have regressions requiring the use of an older version with some games.

  • I have to say I’m really damn happy with the first half-year of !

    MAU is still nearly double the sub-count so there’s tons of interest.

    The first season has now finished airing, but I’m going to run a series of manga discussion threads while continuing the usual posts, which should help the people who don’t watch seasonally find their way to the community.

    The anime adaptation turned out absolutely stellar, and as more people watch it now that a season is out to binge in full, I’m certain this fandom will only continue to grow.

  • Yes, and every single time, it was because filesystems have ways to recover when things go wrong.

    But make no mistake, things went wrong. Every time. Even if no files were damaged, the next system accessing the volume would run into a file system that wasn’t exited properly.

    And while “never do it while it’s being accessed” improves your chances, due to write caching you can’t actually know if the medium is still writing or reading. Or internally in the middle of a process organising data structures. Or being checked for damage by a background process because the filesystem was flagged for repair due to inconsistencies. Or in the case of spinning rust, in the middle of a background defrag. Or in the case of flash storage in the middle of a trim.

    If you have a forgiving boss you could tell him “fuck you” to his face every morning… But why would you? Maybe one morning he’ll be cranky, and that one time he’ll take offence and actually fire you.

  • Don’t do that.

    fstab is just a config file so the computer knows what drives and storage volumes its supposed to have when it boots.

    You can add and remove drives without ever editing fstab. Plugging something in should give you the option to mount it in your file explorer, and in the same place you should be able to “eject” it before disconnecting the actual cable.

  • No it isn’t. I’ve played the first game thrice, the second twice, and genuinely adore both for a variety of reasons.

    Forbidden West is literally the only game I’ve bothered taking a week off work to play on launch, and then did it again on PC to play the DLC.

    There is nothing about Horizon which makes it’s popularity unwarranted. The fans are real and there’s tons of us.

    I’ll admit the idea of a live action adaptation felt stupid, but after my parents got to experience the story of the The Last Of Us through the actually well executed adaptation, I was cautiosly ready to wait and see if they might not pull of a decent adaptation of Zero Dawn for them to watch, too.

    Hearing of its cancellation is no great loss though.

  • Not gonna happen. Not really.

    So far research suggests the guardrail and hallucination problems are unsolvable, and we are seeing diminishing returns from increasing the complexity of these systems.

    Hence devs will never have the necessary control required to author an actual narrative. NPCs will end up talking about mechanics that don’t exist, or saying things that contradict an overrall narrative.

    Even with actual people, if you just throw them in a room and have the improv a world into existence, it never ends up quite as good as a properly authored narrative.

    And LLMs are nowhere near achieving the level of internal consistency required for something like the worlds of Elden Ring or Mass Effect.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 contains truly staggering amounts of writing, multiple times that of classical literary works. The hallucination problem means that if all that were AI generated, small parts of it might pass inspection, but trying to immerse yourself in it as a fictional world would have you noticing immersion breaking continuity errors left and right.