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  • The way I see it is the rules exist to improve the experience of the community. They set guidelines to help us achieve that. The rules aren’t the final source of truth though, the quality of the community is.

    So, if you see something that breaks the rules and is pulling the community down in doing so, use the report function, and highlight it.

    If it’s breaking a rule, but not harming the community, then just let it fly.

    I have no interest in enforcing rules for the sake of rules. I see them more as guidelines for fostering a better community, and that’s the lens through which I moderate.

  • I scored the highest tertiary entrance rank in my school without studying a day in my life and had my pick of any university course or career. I went to university, and excelled at exams, but because I had undiagnosed ADHD and had never learned time management, I couldn’t cope with assignments that couldn’t be thrown together at the last minute in my lunch break. I was academically excluded.

    So there was that. Basically, my life has continued to look like some variation of that experience since then :P