Hi folks, this week has been a wild one since updating to 0.19.2.

I have been running out of content the past couple of days although being subscribed to many communities on multiple instances. Among them are:

  • world
  • ml
  • beehaw
  • sh.itjust.works
  • programming.dev

and a couple others.

I rigorously checked the logs but they were mostly errors about deleted mastodon users. Nothing caught my attention there. Sidenote: I‘m using voyager with hide seen content enabled. I disabled it to check if new stuff gets hidden by accident, it didnt.

First I found out that beehaw hadnt sent new posts in a month. I though they might have defederated me as some rumors suggest with other instances. I didnt do anything about it.

I kept regularly running out of content for 2-3 days, maybe more. But today I see content as old as 21 days popping up. Amongst others, its from beehaw.

So my assumption is that federation got really messed up like 21 days ago. Thats probably when I updated to 0.19.1 but I already updated to 0.19.2 like a week ago.

Did the others maybe only update now?

I can check the logs again if anyone has an idea what to search for. They are much too detailed to be useful for an admin imo.

    • hauiOPA
      13 months ago

      Thanks for pointing that out. :)

    • hauiOPA
      23 months ago

      Thank you very much! The issue indeed seems related. I‘ll check an upgrade to 0.19.3 tomorrow.

      Follow up question I feel like updating is a bit of a gamble at this point. For small, few user instances, would you recommend updating only if necessary (bugs or major missing features) or stay close to the edge?

      • @Die4Ever@programming.dev
        33 months ago

        0.19.3 has been out for a while now and even the more conservative instances (like programming.dev) who like to wait and see for updates, already updated to it a while ago. I follow the progress pretty closely and 0.19.3 seems to be better than 0.19.2 in every way, no new bugs. I think wait and see is a good approach, but 0.19.3 seems like it has surpassed 0.18.5 as the most stable version.

        • hauiOPA
          33 months ago

          Okay, thanks for the advice. :)