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  • Yeah, I dont think so. I have not heard an argument here, just a statement. The “limits” arent real, never have been. This stuff needs to be outlawed as a whole so that “criminal” behavior can be again investigated in a way that is understandable and controllable. We dont need all powerful cops that have the best tools on their hands just to catch someone selling illegal stuff. It has also been proven time and again that the whole terrorism shtick has never been as much of a threat as it was made out to be.

  • The much more interesting thing this points at is the fact that conversations between people should be privileged and not usable in criminal investigations as long as not one party willfully submits it as evidence.

    The mere idea of eavesdropping on people and/or using their data for other purposes than it was intended to is horrendous.

    Meaning: if I call a friend or even send them a postcard and ask them for 100 kilos of cocaine, this should not be admissible in court. I dont care if organized crime is a problem. Go pose as a buyer and start rolling up the net from the bottom. Do the footwork.

    Otherwise its not europol but more like eustasi. (Reference to the stasi, the former east-german „state security“ which was infamous for picking you up ar night if you as much as said you didnt love the government)

    We will have to come to grips with the fact that europol (and for the germans reading this, the german state police) are still the fascism enablers they always have been.

  • Thanks! I‘m currently working with a customer who uses microsoft cloud stuff and windows. Honestly, I would have been done with my work after 20 minutes if he were on linux. Instead I‘m at 8 hrs and a full blown storage solution just because his hardware is incompatible with each other die to windows/microsoft BS.

    I can not stress this enough: there are lots of issues on windows which require costly support while the issues on linux usually require a search engine or a friend with some linux experience.

    The downside of postmarketOS at this point is the camera functionality. We need to get that working and we‘re golden. On the oneplus 6 I‘m working, its the only major thing that doesnt work. Otherwise the phone is pretty ready.

  • hauiAtoLinux@lemmy.mlRunning a business using linux
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    I‘m running my own IT company since recently and am transitioning to exclusively using FOSS. I still have some things I need to work around like my iOS phone. It already has a linux successor but its not finished yet. Pretty promising though. My plan is to put a fixed percentage of profits to open source projects.

  • tangential: I‘m using a oneplus 6 with postmarketOS but depending on your friend‘s it skills, it might not be ready for him yet.

    So far its very usable but I suggest someone must want to swim against the current and do things differently. One could say a „pioneer“ type would be ideal for this.